Membership of Harrogate and Ripon Beekeepers comes with a number of benefits.

We have several classes of membership to choose from depending on the level of benefits that you require – see each membership level below for details of which benefits are included. The full list of benefits are:

  • The Apiarist. This is HRBKA’s beekeeping magazine, published four times per year.
  • BDI insurance . This is bee diseases insurance with cover for up to three colonies included on the membership tiers that include it. Additional cover can be purchased for members with more than three colonies.
  • BBKA News. This is the monthly magazine published by the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).
  • Registration with the BBKA. HRBKA is affiliated to the BBKA and members who are registered with the BBKA receive public and product liability insurance.

The membership fees shown apply when paying by direct debit – for other payment methods a surcharge applies.

To join the association, print off and fill in a copy of the Membership Form and the Direct Debit mandate and return both to the membership secretary.

Full Member

Full members receive The Apiarist, BDI insurance, BBKA News and registration with the BBKA.

Full membership costs £31 per year.

Partner Member

Partner members must live at the same address as a full member. Partner members receive BDI insurance and registration with the BBKA.

Partner membership costs £19 per year.

Country Member

This is aimed at those who are interested in bees and beekeeping but are not beekeepers themselves. Country members receive both The Apiarist and BBKA News and are registered with the BBKA.

Country membership costs £20 per year.

Associate Member

This category is for those who are full members of another beekeeping association and for those who are non-beekeepers who would like to receive just HRBKA’s magazine. Associate members receive The Apiarist only.

Associate membership costs £12 per year.

Junior Associate Member

Junior associate membership is for anyone under 18 years of age who is a member of another beekeeping association or who is a non-beekeeper and would like to receive HRBKA’s magazine. Junior associate members receive The Apiarist.

Junior associate membership costs £5 per year.

BBKA Junior Member

This category is for anyone under 18 years of age who is interested in beekeeping and who carries out their beekeeping under the direct supervision of a full or partner member.  If they keep bees independently they need to pay a full members subscription to ensure that a parent or guardian is registered at BBKA to act on their behalf to be covered by the BBKA insurance policy, including full public and product liability insurance. BBKA junior members receive The Apiarist.

BBKA junior membership costs £24 per year.