Membership Categories

Full member Annual Subscription provides the full range of benefits of membership.
Partner member Must live at same address as a full member. They receive almost all of the benefits of membership but do not receive Apiarist or BBKA News.
Country member This category is for non-beekeepers who wish to receive BBKA News and the Apiarist.  No insurance cover is in place for this class of membership.
Associate member This category is for full members of other  beekeeping associations or non-beekeepers.  They will receive the Apiarist from HRBKA. They will receive the BBKA News and the BDI insurance as a result of their primary association membership.
Junior member This category is for anyone under 18 years of age who is interested in beekeeping and who carries out their beekeeping under the direct supervision of a Full or Partner member.  If they keep bees independently they need to pay a Full members subscription to ensure that a parent or guardian is registered at BBKA to act on their behalf to be covered by the BBKA Insurance policy, including full public and product liability insurance.

Category Benefits

  Registered at BBKA BDI Insurance BBKA News Registered at HRBKA HRBKA Apiarist Annual Subscription
Full yes yes yes yes yes


Partner yes yes   yes   £19.00
Country yes   yes yes yes £20.00
Associate       yes yes £12.00
Junior       yes yes £5.00
BBKA Junior       yes yes £24.00

Please note that the above prices are for payment by Direct Debit. For payment by other methods, a surcharge applies.

Joining the Association

Joining the association is as simple as printing off and completing a copy of our Membership Form and a Direct Debit Mandate and returning it to our Membership Secretary.

Members' data is held in accordance with the association's Privacy Notice.