Course Fee Refund Policy

Course Fee Refund Policy

Courses bookings are subject to our refund policy, the terms of which are set out below.

Beginners Two Season Beekeeping Course

The fee for this course includes full membership of the association (and of the BBKA, for which the association pays a levy) for the year 1st September - 31st August. 

Cancellations prior to 1st September will be refunded in full. 

Cancellations between 1st September and 31st December will be refunded less the membership component of the course fee.

Cancellations on or after 1st January will receive no refund, but you may instead elect to defer to the following year subject to the payment of an additional membership fee plus any increase in the course fee.

Weekend Courses and Taster Days

Cancellations up to one month before the course start date will be refunded in full.

Cancellations after this point will receive no refund, but you may instead elect to defer to the following year subject to the payment of any increase in the course fee.


Please note that this policy does not apply to courses at Harewood House, which are booked directly with Harewood House and are subject to their refund policy.