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  • As a new member of our society I would like opinions on the autumn treatment of varroa.
    Last Autumn I used MAQS which, for me, worked well. However, on researching, I have found many negative results from its use.
    In our area which treatment is most suitable, or less so.. Apistan, Apiguard, Maqs, or Oxalic acid.
    Living near Pateley Bridge my bee are still working the heather and Himalayan B..
    Wow, its a minefield out there, please advice.
    Mike R. what do you use?
    Ian K.
    • I live near you and usually remove my supers at the beginning of September. I have to treat and feed at the same time. I have used Apiguard successfully before.
      Diane A
      • Hi Diana,
        Thanks for the reply.
        I am treating my hives (2) with Apiguard.I have harvested 4 full frames but left the supers on. I realise that I will not be able to use the honey from these supers but I intend to move them under the brood box before the cold weather starts.
        The reason that I have not removed the supers is that the bees are still working the heather and H.Balsom.( The brood frames are about full) I do not want to leave the treatment any later in the month as It could get too cold to have any effect.
        Thanks again,
        Ian Kendall