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  • Bee kit for sale – contact Bob and Jean Chapman, 01423 780102 or
    All for about half current Claro Bee prices
    Some of this kit is brand new, none of it has been used for more than 3 seasons.

    4 National hives inc mesh floor, brood box, super, metal QE, crown board, roof with metal lid.
    Price: 4 @ £56.00 = £224.00

    BBWear primrose medium bee-suit.
    Price: £43.00

    BBWear olive green Large bee-suit.
    Price: £43.00

    Various other items - 1 plastic QE, 4 ekes, 2 feeders, 1 super kit, super frame kits, brood frame kits, foundation, made-up super and brood box frames, 3 varroa boards, 5 Porter bee escapes, 60 narrow and 45 wide plastic bee ends, 1 stainless 8cm smoker, 1 queen marking cage, 1 orange bee marking paint, 1 bee brush, 12 metal runners, 1 50ml syringe, 2 stainless hive tools (one J, one standard), 2 mouse guards, and several bits and pieces eg homemade cover cloths etc.
    Price: £50.00

    Total: £360.00