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  • Finally got logged on to this forum and wanted to hear how you are getting on.
    My bees settled down ok on the allotment in their screened off area (used scaffold netting, cheap, easy and effective) but there have been some issues with neighbour who dislikes insects including bees. This now being resolved I'm looking forward to next year.

    The main decisions taken so far:
    - borrowed an extractor and took off 3 super frames just to eat some honey. It tasted similar to barley sugar and I think was at least partly a product of syrup! Good fun though.
    - treated with MAQS in August.
    - fed in Sept / early Oct.
    - left both the super and Q excluder on as suggest by the Bee Inspector who visited the course.

    The main worries are:
    - that they have enough to eat over winter. The hive seemed heavy when I stopped feeding in October but is much less heavy now. So planning to give them fondant from Christmas on.
    - whether treating with oxalic is worth the disturbance needed as will have to take off the super and the Q excluder. They say that resistance to MAQS is not expected so could treat with that again later instead ...

    Hope to hear from you,
    All the best, Jen