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  • nicholaswalkinshaw Reply #1, 3 years, 9 months ago
    Hi i am a new bee keeper and last week i received a swarm, i housed them and left them to do what they do, after a week i looked in to check on them and they had drawn comb with stores but no sign off eggs and they had drawn some queen cells.So my question is am i queenless ? also would this be the best time to treat for varroa as there is no brood ? any help much appreciated.
    Also just to add the bees appear agitated and appear to be "looking" for ther queen. [ed. note: nicholaswalkinshaw last edited this post 3 years, 9 months ago.]
    • Do the queen cells have eggs/larvae in them or are they queen cups (more like the base of an acorn) that are empty? It's possible that the swarm was a cast rather than a prime swarm - a cast would have a virgin queen who would need to go out and get mated before she starts laying. That can all take awhile and certainly a week may be too soon to expect laying to have definitely started if she was a virgin. Hopefully someone with more experience might chip in with an answer.
      • nicholaswalkinshaw Reply #3, 3 years, 9 months ago
        No they are cups,there is no sign of eggs/larvae on any frame,and it is believed to be a prime swarm however i can not guarantee this.I will keep an eye on the hive when i do my weekly inspection and see what progression they are making many thanks.